Seiko Matsuda Goes Jazz on “SEIKO JAZZ”

On March 29, Seiko Matsuda will release a new cover album, “SEIKO JAZZ.” Seiko is no stranger to jazz, having been featured on American jazz group Fourplay’s 2012 album “Esprit de Four”, as well as performing at jazz festival TOKYO JAZZ 2012.

“SEIKO JAZZ” was produced by Grammy winner Shigeyuki Kawashima. On the album, Seiko is backed by David Matthews and his groups, The Manhattan Jazz Orchestra and The Manhattan Jazz Quintet.

The album comes in three editions: two limited editions and a regular edition. The limited editions each come with a bonus CD featuring the album’s instrumentals. Limited Edition A features a cover created by Shinichi Ishizuka, creator of the jazz manga “BLUE GIANT SUPREME.” Limited Edition B comes in LP-sized packaging with a poster and photo booklet of the same size.

Seiko recently released the music video for the album’s opener, “Smile.” The song is in English and features Seiko performing the song in a long gown in an elaborate ballroom.

Check out more information on “SEIKO JAZZ” below!

Limited Edition A



Limited Edition B



Regular Edition


1. スマイル / Smile
2. 追憶 / The way we were
3. イパネマの娘 / The girl from Ipanema
4. 遥かなる影 / (They long to be) Close to you
5. マシュ・ケ・ナダ / Mas que nada
6. アルフィー / Alfie
7. 静かな夜 / Corcovado (Quiet nights of quiet stars)
8. ドント・ノー・ホワイ / Don’t know why
9. 恋の面影 / The look of love
10. 星に願いを / When you wish upon a star