Seigen Tokuzawa & Masaki Hayashi to release Collaborative Album “Drift”

Cellist Seigen Tokuzawa and pianist Masaki Hayashi have announced that they will be releasing a collaborative album titled “Drift” on March 4th. A collaboration over nine years in the making, “Drift” aims to create a cinematic soundscape built around the soft harmony and dynamic liveliness of the performers’ paired instruments.

“Drift” will run 11 tracks long, including nine original songs and pair of covers from popular music acts Squarepusher and The Velvet Underground. The audio for the Squarepusher cover – “Iambic 9 Poetry” – has been uploaded to the YouTube channel of the duo’s record label.

You’ll find this clip, along with the cover and track list for “Drift” below.

-’Drift’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Elect
  2. Einstein Effect
  3. Iambic 9 Poetry
  4. In the Early Morning
  5. The South Downs
  6. Quarter
  7. Drift
  8. Soramame
  9. Keichitsu
  10. Utsuroi
  11. Venus in Furs

(via natalie)