SAWA to return with new mini-album ‘RingaRinga’ in September

After a nearly two-year absence from solo work, singer-songwriter SAWA has finally announced her latest release RingaRinga for September 24th.

SAWA has seen a few ups and downs over the years. Debuting in 2008, she grew a small following as one of many so-called “post-Perfume” electronic pop acts through collaborations with producers like FreeTEMPORAM RIDER and m-flo‘s Taku Takahashi, culminating in the major album release Welcome to Sa-World in 2010, which also featured some of her first songwriting and production efforts. Unfortunately, despite being well-received by fans, the album quickly fell off the charts and she was soon dropped from her record label, and many considered the acoustic taste of her 2012 indie comeback Soprano Rain too stark a departure from her previous sound.

Now, she’s recently been gaining attention again after writing for idol group Especia, and it seems like she might just be ready to get back to her roots. Former collaborator Takeshi Nakatsuka appears once more for “Kimi to Bartender,”  while the mini-album also includes a self-cover of her Especia track “Midnight Confusion,” coupled with an introductory interlude, “Midnight na Hitotachi,” featuring the girls of Especia themselves.

Check out the cover and tracklist below!


1. StarlightPavilion
2. Kimi to Bartender
3. Midnight na Hitotachi
4. Midnight Confusion
5. Mr.Brown
6. RingaInterlude
7. RingaRinga
8. Lalalalai!

Source: Natalie