Salyu Releases PV for “THE RAIN”

On April 22, Salyu will release her 5th studio album, “Android & Human Being.” This will be her first studio album since 2012’s “photogenic.” The album will incorporate a variety of sounds including band, acoustic, and electronic. “Android & Human Being” will include her 2014 single “Ai ni Yukeru”, which was the theme song for the movie “Ieji.” It will also include the song “THE RAIN”, which was used in a Sony Xperia CM in 2013. Salyu recently release the music video for that song. It’s a creative video collage of short film clips. Check it out after the jump along with the album’s cover and tracklist!

1. 先回りして 1 (Sakimawari Shite 1)
2. 非常階段の下 (Hijou Kaidan no Shita)
3. リスク (Risk)
4. 心の種 (Kokoro no Tane)
5. 有刺鉄線 (Yuushi Tessen)
6. 先回りして 2 (Sakimawari Shite 2)
7. フェスタリア (Festaria)
8. カナタ (Kanata)
10. 希望という名の灯り (Kibou to Iu Na no Akari)
11. 先回りして 3 (Sakimawari Shite 3)
12. アイニユケル (Ai ni Yukeru)


Limited Edition CD
“a brand new concert issue ‘minima’ – ミニマ (Minima) – Salyu×小林武史 (Kobayashi Takeshi) vol.2” Live Audio (Part 1)