Sakanaction reveals more details about new single

As previously reported, Sakanaction is set to release their 10th single “Sayonara wa Emotion / Hasu no Hana” on October 29. The band has now revealed more information on the single, such as the cover and the tracklist. The single version of “Hasu no Hana” is set to debut on TOKYO FM’s SCHOOL OF LOCK radio program on the night of October 7. The next day, October 8, sees the digital release of the movie version of the song via iTunes and Recochoku, ahead of the October 11 release of Kinkyori Renai, the movie it is the theme song for. The movie version of “Hasu no Hana” will only be released digitally. The single version of “Hasu no Hana” is described as being more psychedelic in nature compared to the movie version.

Sayonara wa Emotion / Hasu no Hana


1. さよならはエモーション (Sayonara wa Emotion)

2. 蓮の花-single version- (Hasu no Hana-single version-)

3. Ame(B)-SAKANATRIBE×ATM version-

4. ミュージック (Music) (Cornelius Remix)


Limited Edition DVD

1. Good-bye Session featuring 環ROY (Tamaki ROY) -Broadcasted on Ustream on 2013.11.28-

2. 山口一郎 (Ichiro Yamaguchi) x 環ROY (Tamaki ROY) Talk Session

3. Sample STUDIO LIVE guest 佐々木”SUNNY”幸生 (Yukio “SUNNY” Sasaki) -Broadcasted on Ustream on 2014.8.5-

4. 佐々木”SUNNY”幸生 (Yukio “SUNNY” Sasaki) Interview


Hasu no Hana -movie version-

1. 蓮の花 (Hasu no Hana) -movie version-