Sakanaction Releases Digest Video for Their New Single’s DVD

On September 30, Sakanaction will release their new single “Shin Takarajima.” It serves as the theme song for the movie “Bakuman”, which opens in theaters on October 3. Sakanaction recently revealed the full tracklist of the DVD that comes with the Deluxe Limited Edition and the Limited Edition of the single, and they’ve now released a digest video for it. In the digest, viewers can see clips of the “Shin Takarajima” karaoke video (with and without the song), its making, and a talk session featuring some of the band’s members.

The “Shin Takarajima” karaoke video was directed by the director of “Bakuman”, One Hitoshi. It is reminiscent of JPop karaoke videos from the 80s and 90s. Hitoshi achieved this feel by using equipment and techniques from that era. The karaoke video revolves around a manga artist falling in love with a young woman, similar to the plotline of “Bakuman.” Sakanaction frontman Ichiro Yamaguchi makes an appearance in the karaoke video as a bartender.

Speaking of Ichiro, he will be collaborating with AOKI takamasa for the music for ANREALAGE’s Spring / Summer 2016 collection, which will be shown in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo on September 29 at 5 PM. Ichiro has worked with the brand a number of times over the years.

Check out the single’s DVD’s tracklist, and the previously mentioned digest, and a picture of the packaging of the Deluxe Limited Edition of “Shin Takarajima” after the jump!

Deluxe Limited Edition


Bonus clear file


DVD (Deluxe Limited Edition / Limited Edition only)
-新宝島 カラオケ映像 (Shin Takarajima Karaoke Video)
-新宝島 カラオケメイキング映像 (Shin Takarajima Karaoke Making Video)
-カラオケボックストークセッション「バクマン。」 (Karaoke Box Talk Session “Bakuman.”)
-新宝島 カラオケ映像 (歌入りバージョン) (Shin Takarajima Karaoke Video (Song Version))





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