RYUCHELL releases makeup video with NYX, debuts new song “Diversity Guys”

Talent RYUCHELL will be releasing a brand new digital single on October 17th titled “Diversity Guys“.

He premiered the song to his legion of fans through a YouTube video showing off his latest collaboration. RYUCHELL teamed up with NYX Professional Makeup to show off a bold Halloween look.

The YouTube video shows RYUCHELL using NYX products to create a very vibrant look, with the official theme for it being “Halloween Candy Monster”. “Diversity Guys” can be heard in the background.

RYUCHELL commented that the song was inspired by wanting to live life your own way, not being discouraged by gender or age. He hopes that by listening to this song everyone can feel a sense of glitter and hope! In usual RYUCHELL fashion the sound has a very late 80s/90s retro vibe.

RYUCHELL previously teamed up with NYX for his debut MV “Hands up!! if you’re awesome“.

Check out the video below!