Rookie Rapper Rykey Releases PV for “Honne”

New rapper Rykey is set to release his debut album “Pritty Jones” on June 3. Not much is known about this mysterious new figure on the hip hop scene. The only time he’s previously been heard was on the One Year War remix of AKLO’s “Red Pill.” That remix also featured fellow One Year War Music rapper SALU. This connection to AKLO and SALU has spawned interest in Rykey.

Before the release of “Pritty Jones”, Rykey has released the digital single “Honne.” The song is produced by One Year War Music producer JIGG, who also produced the whole “Pritty Jones” album. He’s also released the music video for “Honne.” It was created by HAVIT ART STUDIO, which has also worked on videos for the likes of KLOOZ, EMI MARIA, Alice, and KOHH. The video depicts the grittier side of life that some youth experience.

Check it out after the jump along the covers and tracklist for these releases!

Pritty Jones

1. The Speech
2. トリカゴ (Torikago)
3. ホンネ (Honne)
4. 上を見ろ (Ue wo Miro)
5. Boy
6. Baby
7. Champion
8. アノヒト (Anohito)
9. Paper
10. Time
11. So Fly
12. tobitate