Quruli to rush the release of New Album “thaw”

Immediately following the cancellation of their “Toku Q” Tour, alternative rock band Quruli have announced that they will be releasing a new album posthaste. This record, titled “thaw”, will be made available digitally in April and as a proper CD in May.

“thaw” will include a number of unreleased tracks written by the band, some of which date back to the days of its formation in 1997, as well as four songs which were only available with the Limited Edition of their 2006 best album “Best of Quruli / TOWER OF MUSIC LOVER”. The digital edition of the album will include 11 tracks, while the CD version will push the number up to 14.

Read on below to find the track list for the digital variant of “thaw”, and look forward to more information about the release as it is made available.

-’thaw’ Track List-

  • Digital Download
  1. Kokoro no Naka no Akuma
  2. Nabe no Naka no Tsumire
  3. ippo
  4. Cherry Pie
  5. evergreen
  6. Hotel Evropa
  7. Dance Music
  8. Ikari no Blues
  9. Giant Fish
  10. Sakki no Onna no Ko
  11. Ningentsuu

(via natalie)