Perfume Are Mechanical Dolls in “Spinning World” MV

On July 27, Perfume will release their new album “PLASMA.” This is the trio’s first new album since August 2018’s “Future Pop.” The album sees Perfume incorporating urban synth sounds, funk, and bass into their music, giving an image of the future Perfume.

“PLASMA” will come in three editions: CD+2Blu-ray+Photobook / CD+2DVD+Photobook first press limited edition, CD+Blu-ray / CD+DVD limited edition, and CD only regular edition. The first video disc that comes with the limited editions features music videos, while the second video disc of the first press limited edition features features among other things audio content from Perfume’s radio show.

To promote the album, Perfume will hold a online live event on TikTok at 9 PM JST on July 30. Their TikTok can be found here.

Ahead of the release of “PLASMA”, Perfume has released the music video for the album’s promo song, “Spinning World.” The video has an Oriental motif and features the group as mechanical karakuri dolls. Check it out below!

First Press Limited Edition A / B


Limited Edition A / B


Regular Edition



  1. Plasma 
  2. Time Warp (v1.1)
  3. ポリゴンウェイヴ (Original Mix) (Polygon Wave (Original Mix))
  4. 再生 (Saisei)
  5. Spinning World
  6. マワルカガミ (Mawaru Kagami)
  7. Flow 
  8. ∞ループ (∞Loop) 
  9. Drive’n The Rain 
  10. ハテナビト (Hate na Bito)
  11. アンドロイド& (Android&)
  12. さよならプラスティックワールド (Sayonara Plastic World)

First Press Limited Edition / Limited Edition Blu-ray / DVD 1
・PLASMA -Teaser-
・Flow -Dance Video-
・再生 -Video Clip- (Saisei -Video Clip-)
・Time Warp -Video Clip-
・ポリゴンウェイヴ -Video Clip- (Polygon Wave -Video Clip-)
・Flow -Video Clip-
・Spinning World -Video Clip-

First Press Limited Edition Blu-ray / DVD 2
・Perfume View
・アンドロイド& -Perfume LIVE 2022 [polygon wave]- (Android& -Perfume LIVE 2022 [polygon wave]-)
・Perfumeのただただラジオが好きだからレイディオ!5 (Perfume no Tada Tada Radio ga Suki Dakara Radio! 5)

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