Perfume appears in two new CMs along new songs: fashionable city or futuristic winter, what’s your choice?

Electropop unit Perfume seems to be ready to step out of their COSMIC EXPLORER era and discover a new concept, as the group has been recently seen in two new tie-ups! The first one features their newest song, “Houseki no Ame”. This track serves as the music theme for the “All Day Kuchimoto Beauty Hen” campaing with beauty and hygiene care company Ora2 in order to promote their new “Kuchimoto Beauty” line of products. The CM, which shows the three girls spending the day out together with stylish outfits (and coupling geometric handbags!) is meant to represent women enjoying life happily day by day. It also features a drawing version of them three by British illustrator Jason Brooks. The new song, described by Nocchi, Kashiyuka and A-chan themselves, is a light, soft and fashionable song able to make a happy day out of a rainy day.

The second tie-up, called “It’s my winter”, is along clothing brand “UNIQLO”, promoting their “HEATTECH” clothing technology for winter. In this tie-in, the three members can be seen frozen in ice cubes, floating in an ethereal space emphasized by the background music. While no lyrics are sung and no credits are given, it’s likely that this melody ends up becoming a full song. The campaign’s website says that the next update will be coming soon, so maybe then something more is revealed about this track!

Check the CMs and a making movie for the Ora2 one just after the jump!

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