Passepied to Release New Album in September

On September 9, Passepied will release their third album, “Shaba Lover.” This album comes a little over a year after their previous album, “Makunouchi-ISM.” “Shaba Lover” will include the band’s 2 singles from this year, “Tokinowa” and “Ura no Ura.”, as well as their digital single from last year, “Zeitaku na Iiwake.” The album will come in 2 editions: a CD only Regular Edition and a CD+DVD Limited Edition. The DVD that comes with the Limited Edition will contain footage from their tour from last year. Passepied recently released a trailer for the album. Check it out after the jump along with the album’s cover and tracklist!

1. 手加減の無い未来 (Tekagen no nai Mirai)
2. 裏の裏 (Ura no Ura)
3. アンサー (Answer)
4. 蜘蛛の糸 (Kumo no Ito)
5. 術中ハック (Jucchuu Hakku)
6. 贅沢ないいわけ (Zeitaku na Iiwake)
7. 花 (Hana)
8. ハレとケ (Hare to Ke)
9. つくり囃子 (Tsukuri Hayashi )
10. ギブとテイク (Give to Take)
11. トキノワ (Tokinowa)
12. 素顔 (Sugao)

Limited Edition DVD
Passepied TOUR 2014 “Makunouchi-ISM” at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)
1. – opening –
3. トーキョーシティ・アンダーグラウンド (Tokyo City Underground)
4. 七色の少年 (Nanairo no Shonen)
5. – session –
6. チャイナタウン (Chinatown)
7. はいからさん (Haikara-san)
8. 贅沢ないいわけ (Zeitaku na Iiwake)
9. S.S
10. シネマ (Cinema)


Album trailer