Open Reel Ensemble Release Short PV for “Kuchu Tokkyu”

Open Reel Ensemble is an electronic group that uses open reel tape recorders connected to computers during their shows to create unique performances. Today, they released their new album, “Vocal Code.” The theme of this album is “voice.” To execute this theme, Open Reel Ensemble has brought in a number of collaborators to lend their voices to the album, including Mori Shota, Nanao Tavito, and Kanda Ayaka.

Today, the group also released the short music video for the album’s third track, “Kuchu Tokkyu.” Check it out after the jump along with the album’s cover, tracklist, and trailer.

1. 帰って来た楽園 with 森翔太 (Kaettekita Rakuen with Mori Shota)
2. 回・転・旅・行・記 with 七尾旅人 (Kai Ten Tabi Ko Ki with Nanao Tavito)
3. 空中特急 (Kuchu Tokkyu)
4. ふるぼっこ with クリウィムバアニー (Furubokko with crewimburnny)
5. Reel to Trip
6. 雲悠々水潺々 (Kumo Yuyu Mizu Sensen)
7. Tape Duck
8. アルコトルプルコ巻戻協奏曲 with 神田彩香 (Arukotorupuruko Maki Modo Kyosokyoku with Kanda Ayaka)
10. (Life is like a) Brown Box with Jan
11. Tapend Roll
12. Telemoon with Babi


Album trailer:


“Kuchu Tokkyu” short pv: