Ohashi Trio to release New Album “This is music too” in February

Just over a year after the release of his previous album, singer/songwriter Ohashi Trio has announced that he will be releasing another new record on February 19th. Titled “This is music too”, the nine-track album will draw inspiration from the band sound of the 1970s and 80s – the period which Ohashi considers to be the root of much of his music.

Included on the record are rock track “LOTUS”, which is described as having a ‘tight groove’, the soul funk-inspired “Polaris”, and the melodically transcendent “Aotsuki Uku Umi”. Of particular note, he will also be re-recording his 2009 track “Lady” in this new style, the first time it’s been touched up since its original release.

Read on below to find the cover and track list for “This is music too”, plus the original version of “Lady”.

-’This is music too’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. LOTUS
  2. Polaris
  3. Let us go
  4. Yuugure no Serenade
  5. Ways and scenes
  6. LIFE
  7. Seigetsu Uku Umi
  8. Lady (2020)
  9. quiet storm
  • DVD / Blu-ray (Limited Editions Only)
  1. The Music Around Me -Live-
  2. Mayonaka no Merry-Go-Round -Live-
  3. sing sing -Live-
  4. Magic -Live-
  5. kite -Live-
  6. EMERALD -Live-
  7. Snow Man -Live-
  8. Anemone ga Naita -Live-
  10. Be there -Live-
  11. Tokyo Pierrot -Live-
  12. Ringo no Ki -Live-
  13. Time Machine -Live-
  14. Bing Bang -Live-
  15. Lady -Live-

(via natalie)