Ohara Sakurako serves heartwarming ballad in “Hirari” music video

Ohara Sakurako will be releasing her 6th single “Hirari” on March 8. The title track is used as the theme song for the film “Cheer☆Dance” starring Hirose Suzu while the song “Aoi Kisetsu” was used as an insert song. Both B-sides “Coming Soon!!!” and “Realize” were used as CM songs.

Check out the released videos for Hirari (Music Video Youtube ver) and Aoi Kisetsu (Short Ver) below.


CD Tracklist

  1. Hirari
  2. Aoi Kisetsu
  3. Coming Soon!!!
  4. Realize
  5. Hirari (Instrumental)
  6. Aoi Kisetsu (Instrumental)
  7. Coming Soon!!! (Instrumental)
  8. Realize (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A
Hirari (Music Video)


Limited Edition B
Aoi Kisetsu (Music Video)