THE NOVEMBERS to Release First Best Album

On September 13, THE NOVEMBERS will release “Before Today”, the band’s first best album. This album will contain two CDs featuring songs from the duration of THE NOVEMBERS’ career. While all of the songs have been remastered, two of the songs have been re-recorded and rearranged. While the regular edition will feature just the two CDS, the limited edition will come in a box that contains a T shirt, a mini tote bag, a postcard, a clear file, and a paperback book, along with the two CDs. The book is 172 pages and features commentary by the members of THE NOVEMBERS. Check out more information on the album below!

1. Romancé
2. 美しい火 (Utsukushii Hi)
3. Blood Music.1985
4. 鉄の夢 (Tetsu no Yume)
5. human flow (dip cover)
6. Flower of life
7. きれいな海へ (Kirei na Umi e)
8. mer
9. Misstopia
10. はじまりの教会 (Hajimari no Kyokai)
11. こわれる (Kowareru )
12. 最近あなたの暮らしはどう (Before Today ver.) (Saikin Anata no Kurashi wa Do (Before Today ver.))

1. 黒い虹 (Kuroi Niji)
2. Xeno
3. dogma
4. Sky Crawlers
5. keep me keep me keep me
7. 再生の朝 (Saisei no Asa)
8. 永遠の複製 (Eien no Fukusei)
9. dysphoria (Before Today ver.)
10. アマレット (Amaretto)
11. バースデイ (Birthday)
12. 今日も生きたね (Kyo mo Ikita ne)