Nothing’s Carved In Stone unveil details about their new studio album “MAZE”

Though they’ve been somewhat quiet for the past few months, rock band Nothing’s Carved In Stone have revealed that their 7th studio album will be stocking store shelves on September 16th.  This new album will be titled “MAZE” and is planned to include their previously released single “Gravity” as well as ten new songs for a total of 11.

This will follow the release of their first live album “Enkan -ENCORE-” this past week on August 19th; “Enkan” contains the complete recordings of 17 songs, including hits “Spirit Inspiration” and “Out of Control”, which were performed during their three month stint at the popular CLUB QUATTRO.

Read on below for a look at the covers and track lists for both of these releases and be prepared for additional coverage of “MAZE” as its release date draws closer.

-’MAZE’ Track List-

  1. YOUTH City
  2. The Poison Bloom
  3. Milestone
  4. Perfect Sound
  5. DeLorean wo Sagashite
  6. MAZE**
  7. Discover, You Have To
  8. Calling Behavior
  9. Go My Punks!!!!
  10. Gravity (Album Mix)
  11. Thief

-’Enkan -ENCORE-’ Track List-

  1. November 15th
  2. Isolation
  3. Brotherhood
  4. Kirameki no Hana
  5. Spirit Inspiration
  6. Diachronic
  7. Out of Control
  8. Shimmer Song
  9. Sands of Time
  10. Rendaman
  11. Around the Clock
  12. Sunday Morning Escape
  13. Murasame no Naka de
  14. Shibame Crimson
  15. Idols
  16. Red Light
  17. Chain reaction