Noriyuki Makihara to cover Yumi Matsutoya on new album “Believer”

Pop singer/songwriter Noriyuki Makihara has announced that he will be releasing a brand new album titled “Believer” on December 14th.  His 21st studio offering, “Believer” is set to be released in two different editions:  a Regular CD-Only version, and a Limited CD+DVD version which will include the music videos for singles “Koero.” and “Riyuu”.

In addition to the single tracks, this new album will also include “Renewed” versions of B-sides “5 minutes” and “Ippo Ichi e”, as well as a cover of the classic Yumi Matsutoya song “A HAPPY NEW YEAR”.

Read on below for a look at the cover and track list for Noriyuki Makihara’s latest record.

-’Believer’ Track List-


  1. Introduction ~Believer’s Theme~
  2. Ippo Ichi e (Renewed)
  3. Bukiyou na Seishun Jidai
  4. Souvenir ~Omoide~
  5. Unmei no Hito
  6. Terebi demo Miyou yo
  7. 5 minutes (Renewed)
  8. You are what you eat.
  10. Shinjiyou ga Shinjimai ga
  11. Riyuu
  12. Koero. (Renewed)
  13. Moshimo

(via natalie)