NONA REEVES to Release New Album “MISSION”

NONA REEVES has been busy this year celebrating their 20th anniversary. They’ve released two best albums and returned to their original major label, Warner Music Japan.

On October 25, the band will release a new studio album, “MISSION.” The album will feature collaborations with’s Itsuka, Sunny Day Service’s Sokabe Keiichi, and clammbon’s Harada Ikuko. “MISSION” will also feature the song “O-V-E-R-H-E-A-T”, which was orginally released earlier this year on the best album “POP’N SOUL 20~The Very Best of NONA REEVES.”

NONA REEVES has released three music videos in support of this album, including ones for the collaborations with Itsuka and Ikuko. Check them out below, along with more information on the band’s new album!

1. ヴァンパイア・ブギーナイツ (Vampire Boogie Nights)
2. Sweet Survivor
3. Danger Lover feat. いつか ( (Danger Lover feat. Itsuksa (
6. 未知なるファンク feat. 曽我部恵一 (サニーデイ・サービス) (Michi Naru Funk feat. Sokabe Keiichi (Sunny Day Service))
7. 大逆転 (Dai Gyakuten)
8. 麗しのブロンディ (Uruwashi no Blondie)
9. 記憶の破片 feat. 原田郁子 (clammbon) (Kioku no Hahen feat. Harada Ikuko (clammbon))
10. O-V-E-R-H-E-A-T
11. Glory Sunset


Sweet Survivor


Danger Lover feat. Itsuksa (


Kioku no Hahen feat. Harada Ikuko (clammbon)