Negoto Releases PV for “DESTINY”

On June 3, Negoto will release their new single “DESTINY.” “DESTINY” is the ending theme for the TV Tokyo anime series “Gintama°”, which premiered on April 8. The single comes in 3 editions: a CD+DVD Limited Edition, a CD only Limited Anime Edition, and a CD only Regular Edition. The DVD that comes with the CD+DVD Limited Edition features footage from the band’s tour from earlier this year. The Limited Anime Edition features the anime ending version of “DESTINY”, plus the song’s instrumental. All editions of the single feature a remix of the band’s 2013 single “Synchromanica” done by the band’s guitarist Masuda Mizuki.

Negoto recently released the music video for “DESTINY.” The video for the upbeat song shows that things often happen for a reason. That a delay of a few seconds can have can have a very different outcome on life. Check out the video after the jump along with the single’s covers and tracklists.

Limited Edition


Limited Anime Edition


Regular Edition


2. 夜風とポラリス (Yokaze to Polaris)
3. シンクロマニカ (Synchromanica) -Mizuki Masuda Remix-
4. DESTINY -Anime Ending Ver.- (Limited Anime Edition only)
5. DESTINY -Instrumental- (Limited Anime Edition only)

Limited Edition DVD
-「ねごと presents『お口ポカーン?! 初の全国ワンマンツアー2015 ~VISIONは続くよどこまでも♪~』」~初日密着ドキュメンタリー編~ (“NEGOTO presents ‘Oguchi Pokaan?! Hatsu no Zenkoku One Man Tour 2015 ~VISION wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo♪~'” ~Shonichi Michaku Documentary Hen~)