Namie Amuro to sing new One Piece opening theme

It has been revealed that diva Namie Amuro will provide the new opening theme song for the hit anime series One Piece.  Titled “Hope”, it’s described as a inspirational song where Amuro showcases a “powerful” singing voice. The lyrics talk about the bond between friends, and how that bond becomes the “light of hope” which leads us to the future. Amuro commented saying that she hopes the song will fully compliment the unique charm that One Piece brings.

The theme song will be used starting from October 1st for a special 1 hour episode of the anime. This is Amuro’s third time collaborating with the One Piece franchise, first being 2011’s Fight Together and 2015’s Black Make Up.  It’s expected that a new single or possibly album from the singer will be announced very soon, as earlier in the month it was announced that her upcoming song Showtime will be used as the theme for the Fall TBS Drama series Kangoku no Ohimesama.

Meanwhile, Amuro is currently preparing for her 25th anniversary concert taking place in Okinawa on September 16th and the 17th.