Mukai Taichi Invites You to Play in “I Like It”

On June 19, Mukai Taichi will release a new digital EP, “27.” The title, like the cover art, alludes to his debut release, the 2016 EP “24.” “27” features production by CELSIOR COUPE and Shin Sakiura. It also features a collaboration with Friday Night Plans, “Last Peace.”

Today, Taichi digitally released one of the songs off of “27”, the CELSIOR COUPE-produced “I Like It”, along with its music video. The song is about the importance of expressing what one likes. Check it out below, along with more information on Taichi’s upcoming release!

  1. 27
  2. Go Away
  3. 声が聞こえる (Koe ga Kikoeru)
  4. I Like It
  5. もう一度 (Mou Ichido)
  6. Last Peace feat. Friday Night Plans
  7. 24 (Devin Morrison remix) (iTunes Store / Apple Music only)

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