Mrs. GREEN APPLE wake us up in short PV for “In the Morning”

As they prepare to wrap up a pretty busy year, up-and-coming rock band Mrs. GREEN APPLE have revealed that they will be releasing one more single on November 2nd.  “In the Morning” will be released in two editions (CD and CD+DVD), with the lead track set to be used as the ending theme song for Kansai & Fuji TV’s upcoming documentary based program “#nakedEve”.

In support of this release the group have also published the short version of the music video for “In the Morning” to their label’s official Youtube channel.  Said PV shows the band performing in the studio at the titular time of day, complementing these shots with footage of several individuals starting their own days.

You’ll find the MV for this bright and cheery track, as well as the single’s cover and track list just beneath the cut.

-’In the Morning’ Track List-


  • CD
  1. In the Morning
  2. Tsukimashite wa
  3. Oz
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. In the Morning -Acoustic version- (Studio Session in August 2016)
  2. Tsukimashite wa (Studio Session in August 2016)
  3. Oz (Studio Session in August 2016)
  4. “In the Morning” Music Video
  5. “In the Morning” Music Video Making

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