Mrs.GREEN APPLE release PV for “Naniwo Naniwo” + Details on their new mini-album “Progressive”

Young up-and-coming rock band Mrs.GREEN APPLE have recently published the music video for their new song “Naniwo Naniwo” to their official Youtube channel.  The PV for this rocking track features the band getting caught in candid poses and situations overlaid with a movie-style set of credits to help people get to know each member just a bit better.

“Naniwo Naniwo” is the lead track off of the group’s upcoming 2nd mini-album “Progressive”, which is set to release in stores next week on February 18th.  The release will include six brand new songs from the band that are intended to showcase the variety of their sound and just how far they’ve come together.

You’ll find the music video for “Naniwo Naniwo”, as well as the trailer and track list for “Progressive” right after the cut, and please look forward to the mini-album’s impending release.

-’Progressive’ Track List-

  1. Gahoujin
  2. Naniwo Naniwo
  4. Anzenpai
  5. Hibi to Kimi
  6. WaLL FloWeR

(via natalie)