Mr.Children preview their Asadora theme in the latest trailer for “Beppin-san”

Last month we reported that pop-rock band Mr.Children would be performing the theme song for Fall’s Asadora drama “Beppin-san”.  There were some limited details revealed about the track, titled “Hikari no Atelier”, but a short snippet of the song has now been included in the drama’s most recent trailer.

Based on what we can hear, “Hikari no Atelier” appears to be a gentle song supported by a lilting melody and primarily backed by accordion and acoustic guitar.  According to comments made by the band’s singer, Sakurai Kazutoshi, the track has its roots in the days following the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, making its hopeful tone a perfect match for the story of a heroine who must survive in post-war Kobe.

You can find the full trailer on Beppin-san’s official website, or you can read on below for an isolated copy of the song snippet.

(via natalie)