More information unveiled about the upcoming Spitz Tribute Album

Last month we reported that a special tribute version of Spitz’s classic album “Hachimitsu” was set to be released on December 23rd.  Now additional information has been published regarding which of the already announced acts will be handling each song that will be included on the release.

In addition, Universal Music Japan has also published a digest video for the album to their official Youtube channel, providing us with an idea of what each artist has done with their chosen song.

You’ll find both this set of previews and the full track list for “JUST LIKE HONEY ~”Hachimitsu” 20th Anniversary Tribute” right below the cut, so please do read on just a bit futher.

-“JUST LIKE HONEY ~’Hachimitsu’ 20th Anniversary Tribute~” Track List-

  1. Hachimitsu / Akai Koen
  2. Namida ga Kirari☆ / 10-FEET
  3. Arukidase, Clover / NICO Touches the Walls
  4. Lunaluna / Kiryuin Sho (Golden Bomber)
  5. Ai no Kotoba / indigo la End
  6. Tongari ’95 / LAMP IN TERREN
  7. Ajisai Toori / Creephyp
  8. Robinson / 9mm Parabellum Bullet
  10. Grasshopper / ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
  11. Kimi to Kurasetara / Hatsukoi no Arashi feat. Sokabe Keiichi
  12. Ore no Subete / Scott Murphy (Bonus Track)

(via natalie)