miwa enjoys campus life in her newest music video for “Princess”

miwa depicts the image of campus life in her newest PV for “Princess”. The song will be released as part of a double A-side single “Princess / Shanranran” on June 22. The song fuses country and dance pop in its arrangement, and makes use of the mandolin, banjo and slide guitar.

Check out her latest music video and single details below. The single will also have an anime edition cover as “Shanranran” will be used the opening for the anime, Flying Witch.


Princess / Shanranran Tracklist

princess reg

Regular Edition

  1. Princess
  2. Shanlanlan
  3. Kataomoi (2016.3.8 @ Nippon Budokan live Ver.)
  4. Princess -Instrumetal-
  5. Shanlanlan -Instrumetal-


Limited Edition
CD (same as regular)


  1. Princess (Music Video)
  2. Princess (Music Video Making)

princess anime

Anime Edition


  1. Shanlanlan feat. 96 neko
  2. Princess
  3. Kataomoi (2016.3.8 @ Nippon Budokan live Ver.)
  4. Shanlanlan –TV Edit Ver.- feat. 96 neko
  5. Shanlanlan -Instrumetal-
  6. Princess -Instrumetal-

DVD Tracklist

  1. TV Anime “Flying Witch” non-credit opening