miwa to release a Double-A side single

Singer/songwriter miwa will be releasing her 20th single with two side-A songs, “Princess” and “Shanranran”. It will be on sale on June 22, 2016.

Princess will be an impressive song which will have a method of slide guitar along with the use of mandolin, banjo, and other stringed instruments. It will be used as a CM song for Morinaga&Co. The said commercial will be aired on the latter half of June. Shanranran, on the other hand, will be used the opening for the anime, Flying Witch.

There will be three editions for this single: a first-pressed limited edition (CD + DVD), a CD-only regular edition, and an anime edition (CD + DVD). In the anime edition, there will be a special collaboration with 96Neko which will be entitled, “Shanranran ft. 96Neko”. The regular edition will only have miwa in the said song.

The song, “Princess”, will be previewed on Muse Note, a radio show hosted by miwa. The song is scheduled to air on May 29, 2016.

Source: oricon