Mika Nakashima Reveals Details on Her New Album

On March 4, Mika Nakashima is set to release a new album titled “RELAXIN’.” The album is described as a “healing collection.” It will feature previously released remixes as well as relaxing songs. It will also feature poems that Mika wrote.

Mika is currently on tour in support of her recently released best albums “DEARS” & “TEARS.” A highlight of the show is Mika’s aerial acrobatics. This is the first time she has incorporated this skill into one of her concerts. She also thanked fans for congratulating her on her recent marriage, further saying that she is happy being a new wife.

Check out the covers and tracklist for the album as well as footage from the tour after the jump!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition



1. relaxin’ with MIKA #1
2. 桜色舞うころ feat. 溝口肇 (Sakurairo Mau Koro feat. Mizoguchi Hajime)
3. relaxin’ with MIKA #2
4. 初恋 (Hatsukoi) (acoustic ver.)
5. relaxin’ with MIKA #3
6. 雪の華 (Yuki no Hana) (silent)
7. relaxin’ with MIKA #4
8. Over Load (Kenmochi Hidefumi Remix)
9. relaxin’ with MIKA #5
11. relaxin’ with MIKA #6
12. 一番綺麗な私を (Ichiban Kirei na Watashi wo) (Reggae Disco Rockers Remix)
13. relaxin’ with MIKA #7
14. Memory feat. DAISHI DANCE
15. relaxin’ with MIKA #8
16. 接吻 (Seppun) (Dennis Bovell Lovers Dub #2)
17. relaxin’ with MIKA #9
18. A MIRACLE FOR YOU (2011)
19. relaxin’ with MIKA #10
20. aroma (live)

Limited Edition DVD
1. Making Of 一万人の雪の華 (Ichimanin no Yuki no Hana)


Concert footage: