Masayoshi Yamazaki to release his first new album in over 3 years

Well-known singer/songwriter Masayoshi Yamazaki has revealed that he will be releasing a new album titled “LIFE” on December 14th.  “LIFE” will be Yamazaki’s first studio length offering since 2013’s “FLOWERS” and will include his previously released singles “Sora e” (theme song for the film “Doraemon:  Shin Nobita no Nihon Tanjou”) and “Kimi no Namae”, as well as new songs like Tokyu Hands’ 40th anniversary track “Take Me There” and “Pioneer”, which was written with legendary piano player Billy Joel in mind.

This new album will be released in two different editions, with the Special variant coming packaged with a DVD that contains live footage from his 2015 tour “String Quartet -HARVEST-“.  Further, he will follow up the release of “LIFE” by embarking on a new 20-stop tour entitled “YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 2016-2017” between December and February of next year.

You’ll find the cover and complete track list for “LIFE” just beneath the cut, so please do read on below.

-’LIFE’ Track List-

  • CD


  1. Okurimono
  2. Pioneer
  3. Terminal
  4. Take Me There
  5. Sanagi
  6. Kougen
  7. Sora e
  8. Polaroid Shashin
  9. Android
  10. Kagerou
  11. Funshitsu
  12. Kimi no Namae
  • DVD (Special Edition Only; All Lives from “Yamazaki Masayoshi String Quartet -HARVEST-” at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)


  1. Tsukiakari ni Terasarete -Live-
  2. Boku wa Koko ni Iru -Live-
  4. Coin – Live-
  5. Benjamin -Live-
  6. Hoshi ni Negai wo -Live-
  7. A-Ri-Ga-To -Live-
  8. Kokoro no Tegami -Live-
  9. One more time One more chance -Live-
  10. Ajisai -Live-
  11. Minuet -Live-
  12. Mizu no Nai Suisou -Live-
  13. Tsubame -Live-
  14. Hanabi -Live-
  15. Flowers -Live-
  16. Domino -Live-
  17. Fat Mama -Live-
  18. Haruo -Live-
  19. Englishman in New York -Live-
  20. Celery -Live-
  21. Ouchi e Kaerou -Live-
  22. Sora e -Music Video-

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