Mariko Goto Set To Release New Album

Ex-Midori frontwoman Mariko Goto is set to release her new album on November 12. This will be her third solo album and it is titled “Kowareta Hako ni Rinakkusu.” The album has 9 tracks and comes in 2 different versions. In addition to the covers and tracklist, she’s also released a trailer for the album. In the trailer, Mariko can be seen performing live in a blood splattered outfit and stagediving. Check it all out after the jump!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition



1. 触媒 (Shokubai)

2. シンデレラタイム (Cinderella Time)

3. 好き、殺したい、愛してる (Suki, Koroshitai, Aishiteru)

4. スナメリ (Sunameri)

5. れっつきるみ (Rettsuki Rumi)

6. Re:なくす (Re:Nakusu)

7. 関東ローム層 (Kanto Loam So)

8. 正しい夜の過ごし方 (Tadashi Yoru no Sugoshikata)

9. I/O


Limited Edition DVD

1. スナメリ (Sunameri) (Music Video)

2. スナメリ (Sunameri) (Music Video Making)

3. Re:なくす (Re:Nakusu) (Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE live clip)

4. 正しい夜の過ごし方 (Tadashi Yoru no Sugoshikata) (Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE live clip)

5. 好き、殺したい、愛してる (Suki, Koroshitai, Aishiteru) (Shinjuku LOFT live clip)

6. 触媒 (Shokubai) (Shinjuku LOFT live clip)