#1 Song Review: Week of 10/8 – 10/14

Hello AramaJapan readers and welcome to this week’s installment of #1 Song Review! Last week, Nishino Kana beat off competition from Sexy Zone and JUJU to come out on top. JUJU is back again this week along with 2 newcomers. Find out what various staff members thought of the songs that topped the physical and digital charts this week and share your thoughts on them too!

Oricon: Nogizaka46 – Nandome no Aozora ka? (Recochoku #13 / 1 day in the iTunes top 10)

Ronald: I feel as if I’ve heard this before… It sounds like any other slower AKB-related group song. There’s nothing that really stands out here. It’s just kinda there. 4/10

Kanki: YAAAAAS! I translated this song back in August so I had a chance to listen to it a lot. I absolutely fell in love with it! It’s honestly the first Nogizaka46 song that I’ve paid attention to. The song makes me feel like the girls have more control over their voices in it compared to other idol groups. I am mostly in love with the background track. It just sounds different and not cookie-cutter like most 48-group songs lately. I love it. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOOOVE IT. The bridge is amazing as well, I love the tone of the their voices. “How many blue skies have there been? Don’t let your youth pass you by. Even if you’re caught up in your own life, try looking up from time to time (at the cloudless sky). Don’t let the person you are right now go to waste” 9/10

Kyle: Like Kanki the thing that stands out to me the most is the background track, kinda tempted to go hunt for an instrumental! I was quite impressed by their voices too, in comparison to their peers anyway. Before the song began I rolled my eyes cause I didn’t really wanna sit through 6 minutes of them tbh but the song didn’t drag on for me at all. That’s always a good sign for songs over 5min. REALLY CUTE PV ALSO, great concept. 7/10


Recochoku: JUJU – Last Scene (Oricon #18 / iTunes #5)

Ronald: Same as before. 8/10

KankiSame as before. 7/10

Kyle: LOVE THIS!!! The orchestra really compliments her voice. The buildup to the powerful chorus is amazing. Really hope she performs this for all the year end specials. 8/10


iTunes: SPICY CHOCOLATE – I miss you feat. Shota Shimizu (Recochoku #6 / not released physically as a single)

Ronald: This is cute. It sounds like your run of the mill Japanese R&B midtempo. I like that at times but I kinda have to be in the mood for it. Shota doing vocals on this is a big plus. He sounds just as good as ever. 7/10

Kanki: Despite me giggling at the ‘SPICY CHOCOLATE’ at the beginning, Shota has a pretty soothing voice. Overall the song is pretty bland when you really listen, but his voice is SO good on the ears that it doesn’t even matter. It’s such a relaxing song.  5/10

Kyle: This is the epitome of the current state of j-urban. I like mid-tempo ballads but I’m pretty sure this exact song has already been released 543.5 times. Shota still has a nice voice. 5/10


Ronald’s Rank:

1. Recochoku #1: JUJU – Last Scene

2. iTunes #1: SPICY CHOCOLATE – I miss you feat. Shota Shimizu

3. Oricon #1: Nogizaka46 – Nandome no Aozora ka?


Kanki’s Rank:

1. Oricon #1: Nogizaka46 – Nandome no Aozora ka?

2. Recochoku #1: JUJU – Last Scene

3. iTunes #1: SPICY CHOCOLATE – I miss you feat. Shota Shimizu


Kyle’s Rank:

1. Recochoku #1: JUJU – Last Scene

2. Oricon #1: Nogizaka46 – Nandome no Aozora ka?

3. iTunes #1: SPICY CHOCOLATE – I miss you feat. Shota Shimizu