Maica_n to release her first Mini-Album “Himitsu”

Eighteen year-old singer/songwriter maica_n will be releasing her first mini-album this week on June 5th. Titled “Himitsu”, this release will include five songs, among them lead track “Dance With Me” and “Baby it’s you”, maica_n’s collaboration with guitarist Char.

To support the album’s release, a music video for “Dance With Me” has been uploaded to her label’s YouTube channel. The PV mixes maica_n’s performance of the track with shots of her strolling around the set.

You’ll find this lighthearted music video, as well as the cover and track list for “Himitsu” right after the cut.

-’Himitsu’ Track List-

  1. Dance With Me
  2. Himitsu
  3. Hanako-san
  4. Baby it’s you
  5. Tobacco to Watashi

(via natalie)