BUMP OF CHICKEN reveal all of the details about their upcoming Album “aurora arc”

Back in March we reported that pop-rock quartet BUMP OF CHICKEN would be releasing their ninth studio album on July 10th. As this date begins to draw closer, the group have now published all of the information regarding the release online.

The record, titled “aurora arc”, will include nine of the band’s previously released tracks, as well as five yet-to-be released songs for a total of 14. Of note, the release’s cover art was a collaboration between visual designer VERDY and photographer Yoshiharu Ota, who traveled to Canada’s Yellowknife in order to take photos of the Aurora Borealis.

Read on below to find both this cover and the complete track list for “aurora arc”.

-’aurora arc’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. aurora arc
  2. Gekkou
  3. Aurora
  4. Kinen Satsuei
  5. Jungle Gym
  6. Ribbon
  7. Sirius
  8. Aria
  9. Hanashi ga Shitai yo
  10. Answer
  11. Bouen no March
  12. Spica
  13. Shinsekai
  14. Nagareboshi no Shoutai
  • DVD/Blu-ray (Limited Editions Only)
  1. Snow Smile -Live-
  2. Bouen no March -Live-
  3. Kinen Satsuei -Live-
  4. Hanashi ga Shitai yo -Live-
  5. Guild -Live-
  6. Niji wo Matsu Hito -Live-
  7. Tentai Kansoku -Live-
  8. ray -Live-
  9. Mayday -Live-
  10. Glass no Blues -Live-
  11. Aria -Music Video-
  12. Answer -Music Video-
  13. Ribbon -Music Video-
  14. Kinen Satsuei (Lyric Video) -Music Video-
  15. Bouen no March -Music Video-
  16. Sirius -Music Video-
  17. Spica (Lyric Video) -Music Video-
  18. Hanashi ga Shitai yo -Music Video-
  19. Aurora -Music Video-
  20. Gekkou -Music Video-
  21. Shinsekai -Music Video-

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