m-flo and JP THE WAVY Join Forces for “Toxic Sweet”

On August 7, m-flo will release a new digital single, “Toxic Sweet.” The summery, reggae-tinged song is a collaboration with JP THE WAVY, an act that m-flo cited as one to watch in our recent interview with them. m-flo has been interested in JP THE WAVY and offered this collaboration to him. He happily accepted, calling the collaboration a dream and an honor.

m-flo has released the music video for “Toxic Sweet” in tandem with the song. It was shot in Los Angeles the week of Anime Expo, the same time as Arama! Japan’s interview. It’s also of note because it’s one of the rare times that Taku Takahashi raps. Check it out below!

m-flo「Toxic Sweet feat. JP THE WAVY」配信ジャケット