Lucky Kilimanjaro to Release New Album

On March 30, Lucky Kilimanjaro will release their new album, “TOUGH PLAY.” The album has the theme of “let’s continue doing what we like even if there are obstacles.” The theme carries through into the album’s cover art, which features a vase that is “punched but okay.”

The album will contain 13 songs, including the previously released ones “Odoru no Aizu”, “Rakuen”, “Hateru Koto nai Dance.”

Check out more information on this release below!

Lucky Kilimanjaro「TOUGH PLAY」ジャケット
  1. I’m NOT Dead
  2. 踊りの合図 (Odoru no Aizu)
  4. 果てることないダンス (Hateru Koto nai Dance)
  5. ぜんぶあなたのもの (Zenbu Anata no Mono)
  6. 無敵 (Muteki)
  7. 週休8日 (Shukyu 8 Nichi)
  8. 楽園 (Rakuen)
  9. 足りない夜にまかせて (Tarinai Yoru ni Mikasete)
  10. 無理 (Muri)
  11. Headlight
  12. 人生踊れば丸儲け (Jinsei Odoreba Marumoke)
  13. プレイ (Play)

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