Ling Tosite Sigure frontman TK reveals the details on his new album

TK from Ling Tosite Sigure will be releasing his second solo album on August 27. The album is titled “Fantastic Magic.” The album will have 10 tracks, one of which, Shinkiro, will feature Chara on vocals. Check out the covers and tracklist after the jump!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


1. Fantastic Magic
2. unravel
3. kalei de scope
4. an artist
5. tokio
6. Shinkiro
7. Dramatic Slow Motion (album version)
8. Spiral Parade
9. fragile
10. contrast

Limited Edition DVD
1. haze (Music Video)
2. contrast (Music Video)
3. unravel (Music Video)
4. Fantastic Magic (Music Video)