LILI LIMIT to release their Second Mini-Album in Late January

Following the release of their debut record “Etudes”, up-and-coming rock act LILI LIMIT have announced that their second mini-album will be available for sale starting on January 20th next year.  Titled “#apieceofcake”, the release will include eight brand new songs written and composed by the band’s various members.

In addition, the group will be releasing the mini-album’s lead track “Festa” as a limited single through retailer Tower Records; this special pressing will also include a remix of their song “Girls like Chagall” done by famed electronic producer and DJ Sunahara Yoshinori.

Read on below for a look at #apieceofcake’s track list and stick with us for additional updates about this record as its release date draws closer.

-’#apieceofcake′ Track List-

  1. Festa
  2. Boys eat Noodle
  3. N_tower
  4. morning coffee
  5. seta gaya
  6. vanilla ice claim
  7. lycopene
  8. nnmnd

(via natalie)