Leo Ieiri releases “WE” album trailer

Singer songwriter Leo Ieiri is releasing her 4th album “WE” on July 6th, and now she has released an album trailer in which 5 songs can be heard, two of them for the first time ever! These just revealed songs are “Koukotsu” and “I Wish”. The first track, “Bokutachi no Mirai” is also the theme song for the Nippon TV drama “Omukae desu.”. Check this album trailer and complete tracklists of both Regular and Limited Editions just after the jump!

leo ieiri we normal cover
Regular Edition – CD Only
[CD Tracklist]

  1. Bokutachi no Mirai
  2. Brand New Tomorrow
  3. Kimi ga Kureta Natsu
  4. Koukotsu
  5. Party Girl
  6. I Wish
  7. we
  8. Hello To The World
  9. City Boy na Aitsu
  10. Sayonara Summer Breeze
  11. Soba ni ite, radio
  12. Every Single Day
  13. -Bonus Track- Obake no Namida

leo ieiri we limited cover
Limited Edition – CD+DVD
[DVD Tracklist | Live at Zepp DiverCity 2016.2.2 ~two colours~]

  1. Sabrina (Acoustic)
  2. miss you
  3. Still
  4. Lady Mary
  5. Last Stage
  6. Silly
  7. Kimi ga Kureta Natsu
  8. Kibou no Chikyuu
  9. Hello To The World
  10. Sabrina
  11. “Bokutachi no Mirai” Music Video -Another version-
  12. “Hello To The World” Music Video -Another version-