KREVA to Release New CD “Sonzaikan”

On August 22, KREVA will have a new release titled “Sonzaikan.” The CD revolves around the concept of “sonzaikan”, meaning “being present.” The music video for the title track features KREVA living in a fantasy world. The video can be seen below, along with more information on this release!

In further news, on August 31, KREVA will release his collaborative digital single with ayaka, “Glory.” The song has only been performed once before, at the 2017 edition of KREVA’s “908 FESTIVAL.” The song was met with a great response by the audience, leading the duo to release the song digitally on the same day as 908 FESTIVAL 2018.

2. 存在感 (Sonzaikan)
3. 俺の好きは狭い (Ore no Suki wa Semai)
4. 健康 (Kenko)
5. 百人一瞬 (Hyakunin Isshun)

Limited Edition DVD
1. 存在感 (Music Video) (Sonzaikan (Music Video))
2. 存在感 (Music Video Making) (Sonzaikan (Music Video Making))



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