CYBERJAPAN DANCERS release “sexy” remix MV of DA PUMP’s “U.S.A”

DA PUMP has one of the most unexpected comebacks in the J-pop scene with the release of their single “U.S.A“. While it may have turned them into living, breathing, memes the song has turned out to be a huge success.

The single has sold well, and became a huge streaming success amassing over 54 million views on YouTube in 3 months.

Girl group CYBERJAPAN DANCERS have decided join the craze too, collaborating with avex trax to release their very own remix MV and song.¬† In usual CYBERJAPAN DANCERS fashion the members are all dancing on a beach wearing bikinis, featuring many¬†gratuitous shots of the members “assets”.

Some of the most popular members were selected to be in the MV, including Kana, Kanae, Hitomi, and Kazue. Both the song and MV were available for pre-release exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music Japan. Naturally, it instantly topped the MV charts.

The song and MV will be available at other music distribution services beginning on August 22nd. Check out the the short ver. of the MV below!