KREVA to Release New Album “AFTERMIXTAPE”

KREVA is currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of his solo debut. He’s had several releases so far this year as part of this celebration. The next release is a new album, “AFTERMIXTAPE”, out September 18. This is his first studio album since February 2017’s “Uso to Bonno.” The album includes collaborations with JQ from Nulbarich, RHYMESTER‘s Utamaru, and Kobayashi Kentaro. The album will come in three editions: two limited editions (CD+Blu-Ray / CD+DVD) and a regular edition (CD only). Check out more information in this release below!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



  1. MIX / TAPE
  2. 敵がいない国 (Teki ga Inai Kuni)
  3. One feat. JQ from Nulbarich
  4. S.O.S.が出る前に (S.O.S. ga Deru Mae ni)
  5. アイソレーター (Isolator)
  6. リアルドクターK (Real Doctor K)
  7. 人生 (Jinsei)
  8. Don’t Stop Y’all, Rock Rock Y’all
  9. もしかしない (Moshika Shinai)
  10. 無煙狼煙 (Muen Noroshi)
  11. それとこれとは話がべつ! feat. 宇多丸, 小林賢太郎 (Sore to Kore to wa Hanashi ga Betsu! feat. Utamaru, Kobayashi Kentaro)
  12. 君の愛 Bring Me To Life (Kimi no Ai Bring Me To Life)

Limited Edition Blu-ray / DVD

  1. 敵がいない国 (Teki ga Inai Kuni) (Music Video)
  2. One feat. JQ from Nulbarich (Music Video)
  3. 敵がいない国 (Teki ga Inai Kuni), One feat. JQ from Nulbarich & AFTERMIXTAPE Shooting (Making)