KREVA and Daichi Miura Team Up for “Fall in Love Again”

On December 23, KREVA will release his new single, “Fall in Love Again.” The song sees him once again collaborating with Daichi Miura, who he has worked with multiple times over the past decade or so.

“Fall in Love Again” is described as a love song born out of COVID-19, which encourages listeners to overcome the pandemic so that they can eventually be together again with loved ones when the pandemic is over. The song was debuted this past September at KREVA’s audience-less online festival, “908 FESTIVAL ONLINE 2020.”

“Fall in Love Again” will come is three editions: CD+DVD Limited Edition A, CD only Limited Edition B, and a CD only regular edition. Both of the limited editions come in a large book format, with Limited Edition A featuring a DVD containing, among other things, footage of all 18 songs performed during KREVA’s June online live event, “KREVA Streaming Live ‘1 (Maruichi)’.”

The music video for “Falling in Love Again” was recently released. In keeping with the times and the song’s theme, KREVA and Daichi are socially distanced throughout the video. Check it out below, along with more information on this release!

KREVA「Fall in Love Again feat. 三浦大知」ジャケット


  1. Fall in Love Again feat. 三浦大知 (Fall in Love Again feat. Daichi Miura)
  2. タンポポ feat. ZORN (Tanpopo feat. ZORN)
  3. Fall in Love Again feat. 三浦大知 (Inst.) (Fall in Love Again feat. Daichi Miura (Inst.))
  4. タンポポ feat. ZORN (Inst.) (Tanpopo feat. ZORN (Inst.))

Limited Edition A DVD

  1. KREVA Streaming Live「1(マルイチ)」 at Billboard Live TOKYO 2020.6.24 (KREVA Streaming Live “1 (Maruichi)” at Billboard Live TOKYO 2020.6.24)
    (01. パーティーはIZUKO? ~2019 Ver.~ 02. 国民的行事 03. 王者の休日 ~2019 Ver.~ 04. 人生 05. 基準 ~2019 Ver.~ 06. ストロングスタイル ~2019 Ver.~ 07. One feat. SONOMI 08. スタート ~2019 Ver.~ 09. アグレッシ部 ~2019 Ver.~ 10. 瞬間speechless 11. かも ~2019 Ver.~ 12. EGAO 13. もしかしない 14. トランキライザー ~2019 Ver.~ 15. 素敵な時を重ねましょう feat. SONOMI 16. 涙止まれよ feat. SONOMI 17. ひとりじゃないのよ feat. SONOMI 18. 音色 ~2019 Ver.~) (01. Party wa IZUKO? ~2019 Ver.~ 02. Kokuminteki Gyouji 03. Ouja no Kyuujitsu ~2019 Ver.~ 04. Jinsei 05. Kijun ~2019 Ver.~ 06. Strong Style ~2019 Ver.~ 07. One feat. SONOMI 08. Start ~2019 Ver.~ 09. Aggressive ~2019 Ver.~ 10. Shunkan speechless 11. Kamo ~2019 Ver.~ 12. EGAO 13. Moshikashinai 14. Tranquilizer ~2019 Ver.~ 15. Suteki na Toki wo Kasanemashou feat. SONOMI 16. Namida Tomare yo feat. SONOMI 17. Hitori Janai no yo feat. SONOMI 18. Neiro ~2019 Ver.~)
  2. Fall in Love Again feat. 三浦大知 (Music Video) (Fall in Love Again feat. Daichi Miura (Music Video))
  3. タンポポ feat. ZORN (Music Video) (Tanpopo feat. ZORN (Music Video))
  4. Fall in Love Again feat. 三浦大知 (Making) (Fall in Love Again feat. Daichi Miura (Making))
  5. タンポポ feat. ZORN (Making) (Tanpopo feat. ZORN (Making))

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