Kondo Yohdi Releases PV for Cheerful “Pan!!!!!”

On January 13, Kondo Yohdi will release his new single “Pan!!!!!” The single will come in a CD+Photobook Limited Edition and a CD only Regular Edition. Today, Yohdi released the music video for “Pan!!!!!” The clip for the cheery song has the theme of a musical. It’s all about forgetting the bad things and spreading positivity. Check it out after the jump!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. ぱんっ!!!!! (Pan!!!!!)
2. キミキミDOG (Kimi Kimi DOG)
3. ぱんっ!!!!! (Pan!!!!!) (Instrumental)
4. キミキミDOG (Kimi Kimi DOG) (Instrumental)


Promo picture