KOKI’s band INKT announces debut album and previews “Trigger” full song

As previously reported, former KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka, who will now go by the name KOKI, has formed a new band, INKT.  The group also includes former HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR members mACKAz and SASSY. Recently, the band announced the release of their self-titled debut album INKT to hit stores on November 8.

The debut album will contain 10 tracks with lyrics all written by KOKI, and music composed by the other members: Kei (guitar), kissy (keyboard), mACKAz (bass) and SASSY (drums). The limited edition of the album will include the PVs of “Trigger” and “Zutto”.

After teasing with a short PV preview of “Trigger”, the full song has been previewed. Check out the band’s lead song below.


1. Trigger
lyrics: KOKI song: kissy
2. Fight for freedom
lyrics: KOKI song: kissy
3. A Whole New World
lyrics: KOKI song: Kei
4. Past & Future
lyrics: KOKI song: Kei
5 Shangri-La
lyrics: KOKI song: mACKAz
6. Survivor
lyrics: KOKI song: kissy
7. FTW
lyrics: KOKI song: SASSY
8. 45′
lyrics: KOKI song: mACKAz
9. Hide and Seek
lyrics: KOKI song: Kei
10 .Iron Heart
lyrics: KOKI song: mACKAz

1. Trigger (Music Video)
2. Zutto (Music Video)
3. Trigger (Music Video making + interview)
** comes with a 20-page booklet

– same CD tracklist