KOHH Collaborates with Skrillex and Dresscodes’ Shima Ryohei on His Final Release

Earlier this year, KOHH announced his retirement. At the time of his announcement, he also spoke of his final release. That release, the album “worst -Complete Box-“, is out April 29.

As the title suggests, the album is a box set, containing a CD and a Blu-ray. The CD contains 15 new songs, including collaborations with Skrillex and Shima Ryohei of Dresscodes.

The Blu-ray that comes with “worst -Complete Box-” features the concert at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA at which KOHH announced his retirement. The concert featured three different sets, with KOHH backed by a band, a DJ, and a strings section over the course of the sets.

A trailer for the Blu-ray has been released. It can be found below, along with more information on KOHH’s final release!

KOHH「worst -Complete Box-」ジャケット
KOHH「worst -Complete Box-」展開図
KOHH「worst -Complete Box-」展開図


  1. Intro
  2. Sappy
  3. Rodman
  4. 2 Cars
  5. Anoko
  6. I Think I’m Falling
  7. John and Yoko
  8. ゆっくり (Yukkuri)
  9. レッドブルとグミ (Red Bull to Gummy) 
  10. シアワセ (Shiawase) 
  11. Is This Love
  12. 友達と女 
  13. What I Want
  14. They Call Me Super Star
  15. 手紙 (Tegami)

KOHH Live in Concert
at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA on January 16th, 2020
<Band Set>

  1. I Want a Billion
  2. Imma Do It
  3. Living Legend
  4. Dirt Boys II
  5. Die Young
  6. Free Dutch Montana
    <DJ Set>
  7. We Good
  8. Bodies
  9. Living in (Remix)
  10. 飛行機 (Hikoki)
  11. 気楽にやる (Kiraku ni Yaru)
  12. 貧乏なんて気にしない (Binbo Nante Kinishinai)
  13. 暗い夜 (Kurai Yoru)
    <Strings Set>
  14. Introduction
  15. ひとつ (Hitotsu)
  16. Hate Me
  17. Mind Trippin’ II
  18. 手紙 (Tegami)
  19. I’m Dreamin’
  20. ロープ (Rope)

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