Kinoko Teikoku to Release New Album “Time Lapse”

Back in July, Sato Chiaki made her solo debut “SickSickSickSick.” She’s now ready to release a new album with her band, Kinoko Teikoku. On September 12, they will release “Time Lapse.” This is Kinoko Teikoku’s first album since November 2016’s “Ai no Yukue.”

“Time Lapse” contains 13 new songs, some of which Kinoko Teikoku has been played in the live shows of late. The album will come in a limited edition and a regular edition, with the limited edition containing a bonus CD. This bonus CD is a re-release of the band’s now out of print 2011 demo CD “Yoru ga Aketara.”

In support of their new album, Kinoko Teikoku has released two music videos, “Kin Mokusei no Yoru” and “Yumemiru Koro wo Sugite mo.” Both can be seen below, along with more information on this release!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition


1. WHY
2. &
3. ラプス (Lapse)
4. Thanatos
5. 傘 (Kasa)
6. ヒーローにはなれないけど (Hero ni wa Narenai Kedo)
7. 金木犀の夜 (Kin Mokusei no Yoru)
8. 中央線 (Chuo Sen)
9. humming
11. タイトロープ (Tightrope)
12. カノン (Canon)
13. 夢みる頃を過ぎても (Yumemiru Koro wo Sugite mo)

Limited Edition Bonus CD “Yoru ga Aketara”
1. 退屈しのぎ (Taikutsu Shinogi)
2. 畦道で (Azemichi de)
3. 国道スロープ (Kokudou Slope )
4. ミュージシャン (Musician)
5. 夜が明けたら (Yoru ga Aketara)


Kin Mokusei no Yoru


Yumemiru Koro wo Sugite mo