Kinoko Teikoku to release new album in October

Up and coming band Kinoko Teikoku is set to release their second full album “Fake World Wonderland” on October 29. “Fake World Wonderland” will have 11 songs on it including the band’s limited edition single “Tokyo”, which, as reported earlier, is set for release on September 9. The band describes this new album as “catchy.” They feel as if they’ve grown as a band and even re-recorded and re-arranged some of the album’s tracks to reflect said growth. Check out the new album’s tracklist after the jump!

1. 東京 (Tokyo)

2. クロノスタシス (Chronostasis)

3. ヴァージン・スーサイド (Virgin Suicides)

4. You outside my window

5. Unknown Planet

6. あるゆえ (Aruyue)

7. 24

8. フェイクワールドワンダーランド (Fake World Wonderland)

9. ラストデイ (Last Day)

10. 疾走 (Shissou)

11. Telepathy/Overdrive