KinKi Kids to release “Ballad Selection” Album in January

The duo keeps busy on their 20th anniversary! Shortly after their Kohaku debut this year,  KinKi Kids will be releasing a “Ballad Selection” album on January 6! This definitive selection of ballads is a gift from KinKi Kids to commemorate their 20th anniversary since their debut. Out of the countless songs released in those 20 years, ballads that can unequivocally be called masterpieces have been selected.

The first-run edition is designed to be a cute yet luxurious jewelry box that can be used as an interior decoration. A handwritten message from the duo will be included inside the box! “White Avenue” and “Michi wa Tezukara Yume no Hana (20th Anniversary Ver.)” will be the two bonus tracks included in the regular edition

Did your favorite Kinki Kids ballad made it to the cut?

Ballad Selection Tracklist

First-run edition
・20-page booklet
・Jewelry BOX specs
・KinKi Kids 20th Anniversary promotion ID enclosed

1. Ai no Katamari (M album Ver.)
2. Muku no Hane
3. Seppaku no Tsuki
4. Ao no Jidai
5. Hakka Kyandii
6. Anniversary
7. Family ~Hitotsu ni Naru Koto
8. Inochi no Saigo no Hito Shizuku
9. Love is… ~Itsumo Soko ni Kimi ga Itakara~
10. Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai
11. “o Heart
12. Teiden no Yoru niwa -On the night of a blackout-
13. Giniro Angou

Regular edition
・20-page booklet
・KinKi Kids 20th Anniversary promotion ID enclosed (first press only)

※Tracks 1-13 are identical to first-run edition
14. White Avenue
15. Michi wa Tezukara Yume no Hana (20th Anniversary Ver.)

(via J-net)