King Gnu to release New Album “CEREMONY” in January

Up-and-coming mixture rock band King Gnu announced today that they will be releasing a new full-length album on January 15th. This record, titled “CEREMONY”, comes just a year after the group’s previous album “Sympa” and will be their third longplay together in total.

“CEREMONY” will include the band’s already released digital singles “Hakujitsu”, “Hikoutei”, and “Kasa”, along with nine new songs – such as Sony Walkman CM track “Teenager Forever” – for a total of 12. The album’s Limited Edition will include a Blu-ray disc that contains footage from King Gnu’s April 2019 concert at Studio Coast.

Read on below to find the cover and partial track list for “CEREMONY”, as well as the audio for “Kasa” and a preview of “Teenager Forever”.

-’CEREMONY’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Hakujitsu
  2. Hikoutei
  3. Kasa
  4. Teenager Forever
  5. And More!
  • Blu-ray (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Sympa I -Live-
  2. Slumberland -Live-
  3. Sorrows -Live-
  4. Vinyl -Live-
  5. McDonald Romance -Live-
  6. Low Love -Live-
  7. Bedtown -Live-
  8. NIGHT POOL -Live-
  9. Hakujitsu -Live-
  10. Sympa -Live-
  11. Hitman -Live-
  12. Flash!!! -Live-
  13. Don’t Stop the Clocks -Live-
  14. It’s a small world -Live-
  15. Haretsu -Live-
  16. Tokyo Rendez-Vous -Live-
  17. Prayer X -Live-
  18. Anata wa Shinkirou -Live-
  19. The hole -Live-
  20. Summer Rain Diver -Live-

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